It’s been a few years since I’ve met Angel. Since its inception, I have followed his work and I think not to be wrong if I call the work of Angel of social realism, or “COMMITTED ART”, nothing to do with another expression such as militant art. Previously, in this area, other artists such as Picasso, Boltansky. Georges, Grosz, Oto Dix, or currently Banksy or Ron Muek, among many, have used or used this way of expression. Committed art is an intellectual attitude in which the artist becomes aware of his or her belonging to society, renounces being a mere spectator and strives to serve society and the cause itself. “There’s no aesthetics without ethics”. Creation, in any field that is disconnected from the conflicts of society, makes us think that it follows a wrong path and that, in our times, art for art belongs to history. I think that nowadays, the artist becomes an element of reference and weight in social opinions, and ceases to be a partial witness. Personally, I think that the work that Ángel offers us has no limits in quality … There are many things that I admire about Angel, but the most important is his perseverance. Perseverance means willingness and intransigence with one and this obliges whoever practices it, to personal, emotional and intellectual sacrifices. Perseverance belongs to who is brave … But perseverance also means something else … “Falling is allowed, but getting up is an obligation”.

Josep Mª UBACH, Art Critic

Calvente transcends with the figure, with the body and with the heart … The great contribution of Calvente beyond the figurative is the color, manufactured, composed of pigments, natural earth, particles of light, pieces of life: the magic alchemy that It goes beyond human beings. We find in Calvente the artisan’s craft and the creator’s sample, a balance rarely achieved in these custom writing confused times. I celebrate the bet for figuration where art, instead of distancing us, returns to its purest purpose of approaching and communicating.

Philip LAVAILL , Sculptor

Leonardo da Vinci, Miguel Ángel and other masters have spent many years, but today Ángel Calvente, out of time, continues to revive his work, with more painting and depth. It is the infinite and erotic vision of the spiral of the creation of the universe drawn by an artist with wings to fly. His work based on human anatomy and faces expresses what today and always happens in the world: death, life, people who suffer, secret and fragile landscapes where we can discover the truth of the immortal being. A brave and deep painting. Calvente continues being today the “always immortal of the purest art”.

Maurici BELLMUNT, Illustrator, illustrator, painter and writer.

Talking about the works of Ángel Calvente is talking about a rhythm that opens up unpublished fields of presence. It is not talking about men and women in space, it is understanding, from the territory of the line, what it is to inhabit the earth paper writer and under the sky. It is talking about that space that crosses the gestural line, which opens the gesture and to which man is exposed and risked. Ángel Calvente, with an exemplary strength and mastery of the drawing, shows us that ironclad human attempt to equate himself from a distance, what the very root of the one that is close to us can mean to us, of which we try to appropriate ourselves to reflect this way in your mirror Paradoxically, there is hardly anything figurative in Calvente’s custom essay figures and anatomies, although separation and reconciliation, heaven and earth as moments of life, are areas for which we are present in the world and which we learn from effort. Only art is capable of showing this and Ángel Calvente has made it a reality with great talent.

Antoni OLIVA, Philosopher

Calvente excels in the drawing. It is attested by the charcoal works or the portraits and the success they have achieved. We rediscover that same line in his paintings previously made with charcoal. The imprecision of the forms, the fluidity, the variation of the lights confer the invoice to him “impressionist, by chance” (not painted on the motive), that achieves a depth and a frankly abstract dimension. The changes of light, the variation of tonalities and rhythms, are a gift for the eyes. Ángel Calvente is undoubtedly an interesting artist in a stellar creative moment.

Robert DEFEVER, Lecturer and art critic